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Welcome to Brassfield Animal Hospital!


Reception Area

In the reception area, our receptionists will greet you and your pet(s) with a warm welcome and assist you with any medical needs you may have. If you are a newcomer, we will include all your pet's medical information into our data base. Your pet will be escorted to wherever his/her needs are for the day's visit.

Our waiting area is a pet-friendly environment and very pleasant for the humans, too.
Dogs in the play yard

Boarding Facilities

Brassfield Animal Hospital's boarding facilities are separate from our hospitalized animals. We have a small dog boarding room that houses our petite dogs, and large runs to house our medium to large dogs.  Both areas are bright and airy with lots of windows and skylights. All dogs are taken outside three times daily to play and exercise in our fenced yard. 
Boarding Cats

Boarding Facilities

Our cat boarding is separate from the dog boarding and is in a bright, quiet room with a large window. Cats of the same family can be let out together, but others will be let out individually to play while their facilities are cleaned. 
Boarding Pets

Boarding Facilities

If your loved one needs special medical attention while boarding, we will make sure they are attended to with every need they have. In this case we may board your pet in our treatment area so they can be checked on a little more frequently.

All pets must be current on Vaccines and Fecal to board. During your pets' stay, he/she can receive a bath or medical services.

Waiting Area

Our spacious waiting room has two areas for both our canine and feline patients and a fish tank for their viewing pleasure.

Check in Weighing Area.

All patients are weighed prior to examination.

Exam Room

We have 4 exam rooms. Three like this one and another for special procedures like Acupuncture and Laser Therapy.

Special Procedure Exam Room

This room provides a less clinical feel where we can provide Acupuncture, Laser Therapy and other services that require a little more space and privacy.

Food Area

We offer a variety of veterinary prescription and maintenance diets.
We have been using high quality Purina ProPlan diets for the past 19 years.


We have the most up to date Digital Radiology to provide high quality films and to easily send to a specialist for second opinions if needed.

Radiology Cont.


All patients are provided IV fluids, a warm water blanket to help maintain body temperature, SPO2 and CO2 monitoring while under anesthesia. We use Isoflurane as our gas anesthetic, just like in a human hospital.

In House Lab

We have a full in house lab to run blood panels for both routine and sick patients which provides same day results. This complements the use of our outside lab which is used for more extensive testing.

Dental Cleanings

Dental check ups and Cleanings are a regular part of our daily activity. Dental Cleanings are done under anesthesia and the same safety procedures are provided just like regular surgeries. Routine dental cleanings usually take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete and they go home the same day.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy which allows most medications to be dispensed at the time of visit. We carry a wide selection of monthly preventatives for Heartworms, Intestinal Parasites, Fleas and Ticks.


An in house lab allows Urine, Fecal and most Cytology samples to be run at the time of visit. We also send out many samples for further analysis.

Surgery Prep

Wash area, Autoclave Instrument Sterilization and Emergency Box.

Hospital Front

The front of our beautiful hospital at night